I’ve always been the outcast, the underdog, the weird one.

It has gotten me in some trouble and sometimes it makes me feel alone.



I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s part of who I am. 

And it’s what makes me a great multidisciplinary creative. 

I like going against the tide, finding my own way and screaming on my own. 

I like doing things my way, always injecting a little bit of rock and roll and magic into everything I do. 

I am loud, colorful, a little distracted, very curious, passionate, messy but always with a rush into being the very best creative I can be. 

I’m a human, a woman, a witch, an art director, advertiser, photographer, designer, thinker and artist.


I am a misfit toy and this is my island. 




Hungry for more, huh? Ok, Here's my CV.