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Take A Breath

branding for ludwig van beethoven

/personal projects/Miscellaneous 

I was left the assignment of make the entire branding for Ludwig Van Beethoven. I started conceptualizing my design by getting to know this famous character. As we all know his story is quite tragic hence the red. My design revolves around the fact that Beethoven composed his music by feeling the vibrations of the instrument, hence the wavey lines. 

redesign for lolita by vladimir nabokov

/personal projects/Miscellaneous 

The assignment was to re-design the cover of Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov. By researching other covers I soon realized many of them over sexualized the character of Lolita and not many of them showed the nasty nature of Humber Humbert. By that insight I designed this cover, illustrating the abuse of Humbert Humbert towards the innocence of Lolita. 

Designs for the mexican brand of ice creams with alcohol "Antarcticus"

product design

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For this photoshoot we used the essence of David Bowie, Prince and Freddie Mercury to create "The Star Collection" for the mexican brand of macarons "Theurel & Thomas".

We used the contrast of the color of the macarons as the first step to compose the scene, and elements of the character to complete it. 

product photography

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troll in nyc

/personal projects/Miscellaneous 

Once upon a time, I had pink hair. 

People started calling me "Magic Troll" (Yes, those vintage trolls), then

I found one and started taking it everywhere, even NYC, where I

always dreamt of going. 

One thing led to the other and I documented my trip to New York with my

alter ego: The Pink-Haired Magic Troll (me).